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Using Personal Voice in iOS 17: A Comprehensive Guide in 13 Words


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Apple’s iOS 17 update introduces new accessibility features that are particularly beneficial for people with disabilities. One of these features is Personal Voice, which utilizes machine learning to create a synthesized version of the user’s voice. By recording audio samples, users can generate a voice that sounds like them and use it with the Live Speech feature to convert text into audio. This tool allows individuals to fully express themselves and can also serve as a voice replacement in case of voice loss.

To set up Personal Voice, users need to go to Settings > Accessibility > Personal Voice and follow the instructions. The process involves recording 150 phrases in a quiet environment while holding the device 6-12 inches away. This step takes about 15-20 minutes. After this, the machine learning algorithms work to process the voice, which can take several hours. It is recommended to set up the process before bed and let it process overnight. Once the Personal Voice is ready, it can be added to Live Speech and used during FaceTime calls or regular phone conversations.

Overall, Personal Voice is an innovative accessibility feature that empowers individuals to communicate effectively and maintain their privacy. By allowing users to create a synthesized version of their voice, Apple offers a unique solution for people with disabilities or those who may temporarily lose their voice. The setup process may take some time, but the benefits and control provided by Personal Voice are worth the investment.

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