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Video Game Actors of SAG-AFTRA Approve Strike: Wages and AI in Dispute


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Members of the SAG-AFTRA guild, which includes performers working in the video game industry, have voted overwhelmingly in favor of a strike authorization. The vote, with 98.32% in favor, empowers the guild to call for a strike after September 26 if an agreement cannot be reached with video game companies. The guild has been negotiating for a new contract since 2022 but claims that companies have refused to agree to its members’ essential requirements. Among the demands are wage increases to combat inflation, improved safety measures on set, and protection against exploitative use of artificial intelligence.

The strike authorization is seen as a necessary move to gain bargaining leverage in future sessions with companies such as Activision, Disney Character Voices, and Epic Games. SAG-AFTRA believes that the added pressure will force these companies to agree to the terms laid out by the guild. The key issues at stake mirror those in the film and television industry, including the need for livable wages, adequate safety protocols, and protection against AI exploitation. The guild aims to prevent unauthorized use of performers’ likeness and voices through artificial intelligence technology, a major concern in an increasingly digital entertainment landscape.

While the strike authorization does not automatically trigger a strike, it signals the guild’s readiness to take action if negotiations fail. With the parallel negotiations between the Writers Guild of America and major studios near a resolution, it highlights the ongoing struggles within the entertainment industry regarding the use of emerging technologies. Both guilds are pushing for protections against AI-generated content, reflecting the growing challenges faced by creatives in an industry undergoing rapid technological changes.

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