Home Technology Vise Intelligence Seeks to Aid Financial Advisors with AI Assistance

Vise Intelligence Seeks to Aid Financial Advisors with AI Assistance

Vise Intelligence Seeks to Aid Financial Advisors with AI Assistance

New York City fintech company Vise is making a comeback after facing significant setbacks and bad press. The company, co-founded by two teenagers, lost 35% of its assets under management and experienced client departures and employee layoffs. However, Vise is now focused on its new AI service, Vise Intelligence, which aims to support financial advisors by preparing reports, answering questions, and providing real-time information about investment portfolios. The AI model allows advisors to remain in control while benefiting from AI assistance in analyzing client portfolios and making investment recommendations. Vise believes that the combination of technology and investment management is the future of wealth management.

Vise Intelligence is powered by cutting-edge large language models and is trained on market data and the individual goals of each client. The AI model incorporates previous and forward-looking information, including clients’ financial milestones, risk tolerance, and investment preferences. By leveraging data from the market, clients, and advisors, Vise Intelligence provides tailored insights and recommendations to help advisors manage larger portfolios and build stronger client relationships. The company aims to transform wealth management by bringing together technology and investment management into a single, integrated solution.

Vise’s comeback strategy focuses on allowing financial advisors to scale their operations while maintaining a human touch. By using Vise Intelligence, advisors can manage a greater number of clients and spend more time building relationships, ultimately increasing their earning potential. Vise also benefits from this scaling as it takes a cut of its clients’ earnings. The company believes that the future of wealth management lies in the seamless integration of technology and human expertise, and it aims to position itself as a leader in this transformation.

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