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Wellmind Health introduces Pathway through Arthritis program on TechToday


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Wellmind Health has launched a new arthritis pain management program called Pathway through Arthritis, in collaboration with UK charity Versus Arthritis. The web-based program, which is a Class I medical device, aims to empower individuals with different forms of arthritis to better manage their persistent pain and reduce its impact on their daily lives. Through the use of self-management techniques, exercise, lifestyle changes, and cognitive approaches, the program provides participants with a new approach to arthritis pain. Health outcomes are measured using clinically recognized assessments for disability, health state, depression, anxiety, and musculoskeletal health.

Versus Arthritis believes that living with arthritis goes beyond experiencing aches and pains, and recognizes the strain it can place on mental wellbeing. The partnership with Wellmind Health allows them to bring innovative technology and tools to individuals managing arthritis, while also supporting healthcare services across the country. With over 10 million people in the UK facing arthritis, self-management becomes vital for improving their quality of life, reducing drug over-prescription, and alleviating pressure on healthcare services.

Wellmind Health is known for providing drug-free digital treatments for mental health and pain management. Their programs, such as Be Mindful and Pathway through Pain, have been deployed across NHS services for more than a decade and have delivered significant and measurable long-term improved health outcomes. By offering real-time engagement and clinical outcome reporting, Wellmind Health aims to address the pressing issue of arthritis in healthcare systems.

In conclusion, the launch of Wellmind Health’s Pathway through Arthritis program, developed in partnership with Versus Arthritis, signifies a crucial step in empowering individuals to self-manage their arthritis conditions. By offering innovative technology and tools, the program aims to improve the quality of life for those living with arthritis and reduce the strain on mental wellbeing. With the absence of a cure for arthritis, self-management becomes essential in reducing drug over-prescription and alleviating pressure on healthcare services. Wellmind Health’s expertise in delivering digital treatments for mental health and pain management ensures that the program offers significant and measurable long-term improvements in health outcomes.

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