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Powell Industries No Longer Holds the Title of ‘Winner’


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In this news article, Jim Cramer, host of “Mad Money,” shares his thoughts on several stocks during the lightning round segment of his show. Cramer starts off by discussing Solaris, an oil field play stock that he believes is inexpensive and a good speculative investment. Moving on to CVS, Cramer expresses concern about the company’s ability to address the issue of theft effectively, leading him to advise against investing in CVS for now.

Next, Cramer talks about Powell Industries, a profitable company in the infrastructure and electricity market. He considers this sector to be a great investment opportunity in 2023 and reaffirms his belief that Powell Industries is a winner. Lastly, he addresses Cal-Maine Foods, a stock performing well in the year-to-date. Cramer does not provide specific advice on this stock but mentions its strong performance.

Finally, Cramer comments on Boeing. He highlights the company’s decision to sell a lot of contractors, which he believes was a big mistake. Despite potential disagreements, Cramer maintains skepticism about Boeing’s current situation and suggests that the stock may decrease further.

Overall, Cramer offers his quick insights on various stocks, providing some recommendations and expressing caution based on various factors such as stock performance, business strategies, and industry trends.

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