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McCarthy’s Ineffective Temporary Spending Bill Fails to End Government Shutdown


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At least 10 hard-right lawmakers in the House of Representatives have declared their opposition to any temporary funding measure, even if it means a government shutdown. These lawmakers, including Matt Gaetz of Florida and Tim Burchett of Tennessee, are staunch fiscal conservatives who believe that the House should pass individual spending bills rather than rely on continuing resolutions. They argue that passing a stopgap measure would contribute to a cycle of excessive spending. This opposition poses a challenge for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who cannot afford to lose more than four Republican votes if all members are present. If he turns to Democrats for support, it could put his speakership at risk.

The resistance to a continuing resolution among hard-right Republicans has intensified in recent weeks. Matt Gaetz, in particular, has been leading the charge against any form of temporary funding, stating that he believes it is time to permanently end the practice. Tim Burchett has criticized his fellow Republicans for supporting what he sees as an extension of Democratic spending priorities. Anna Paulina Luna, who has been absent from Washington since giving birth, has said she would return to defeat a continuing resolution if necessary, advocating instead for single subject spending bills. Eli Crane and Andy Ogles, both from Tennessee, remain unwavering in their opposition to a continuing resolution and have called for a budget process that does not rely on such measures.

The hard-right opposition extends to other lawmakers such as Matt Rosendale of Montana, Andy Biggs of Arizona, Dan Bishop of North Carolina, Wesley Hunt of Texas, and Cory Mills of Florida. These representatives are united in their insistence on passing individual spending bills and rolling back government spending to prepandemic levels. They view the threat of a government shutdown as leverage to push for their preferred approach. While some lawmakers, like Andy Biggs, have not immediately dismissed a Senate-backed interim funding plan, the general sentiment among these hard-right Republicans remains strong against any temporary funding measures.

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