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White House Readies to Defend Ukraine Aid; Shutdown Threats Abated.


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The recent government funding bill that ended the shutdown did not include aid for Ukraine, which was a disappointment for President Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. While aides tried to downplay the exclusion, both Biden and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer expressed their intention to continue fighting for Ukraine aid. There is some Republican support for providing aid to Ukraine, but the House GOP, led by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, has not commented on the issue. It is expected that a vote on Ukraine aid will occur next week in the Senate.

The bill not only funded the government but also included $16 billion in disaster relief. However, the absence of aid for Ukraine was a setback for both the Biden administration and President Zelenskyy. Despite attempts to downplay the exclusion, Biden expressed his expectation that Speaker McCarthy would secure the passage of the support needed for Ukraine. Senate Majority Leader Schumer also emphasized the importance of providing economic and security assistance to Ukraine. While there is Republican support in the Senate for Ukraine aid, it is unclear where the House GOP stands on the issue. Nonetheless, there are expectations that a Ukraine-related vote will take place next week.

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