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Fortnite Introduces ‘Share The Wealth’ Emote Following Recent Layoffs


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In a surprising turn of events, Epic Games, the company behind the popular video game Fortnite, announced that it will be laying off nearly 900 employees. This news sent shockwaves through the gaming industry, as even the most successful and profitable games are not immune to downsizing. Adding fuel to the fire, Epic Games decided to re-release a controversial in-game emote called “Share the Wealth” on the same day as the layoffs. This move was met with criticism and backlash, with many questioning the timing and ethics of the decision. Despite the outcry, Epic Games claimed that the emote’s release was pre-scheduled and quickly removed it from the in-game shop after facing public scrutiny.

The layoffs at Epic Games have raised serious questions about the way companies prioritize their financial interests over their employees’ well-being. CEO Tim Sweeney’s email to staff, in which he cited overspending as the reason for the layoffs, highlighted the discrepancy between the executives’ decisions and the impact on the workers. The lack of transparency regarding executive salaries and Epic Games’ financial records only added to the frustration felt by those affected by the layoffs. However, it is worth noting that some other gaming companies have taken symbolic pay cuts by their CEOs when faced with financial challenges, albeit these cuts seem inconsequential compared to their overall earnings.

Former employees expressed anger and disappointment towards Epic Games, particularly in light of their personal circumstances. One former employee, who was undergoing treatment for skin cancer, tweeted about their outrage at the company’s actions. Nevertheless, Epic Games has assured laid-off employees that they will receive a severance package, including six months of base pay and healthcare coverage. Meanwhile, the company continues to invest in other ventures, such as the Epic Games Store, which offers free games to players. Despite these efforts to alleviate tensions, the layoffs have sparked a broader conversation about the treatment of workers and the prioritization of profits in the gaming industry.

Overall, the layoffs at Epic Games have sent shockwaves through the gaming industry and raised questions about the ethics of the company’s decision-making. The re-release of the “Share the Wealth” emote on the same day as the layoffs only added fuel to the fire, with many criticizing Epic Games for its insensitivity. The lack of transparency regarding executive salaries and the company’s financial records further fueled frustration among those affected. However, Epic Games has offered a severance package to laid-off employees, and the conversation surrounding the layoffs has shed light on the treatment of workers in the gaming industry.

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