Home Technology Free ChatGPT Alternatives: Utilizing FreedomGPT for Interactive Conversations

Free ChatGPT Alternatives: Utilizing FreedomGPT for Interactive Conversations

Free ChatGPT Alternatives: Utilizing FreedomGPT for Interactive Conversations

FreedomGPT is a new generative AI engine that distinguishes itself from others in a couple of ways. Firstly, it can be run locally on your computer without the need for an internet connection. This is a unique feature that gives users more control and privacy over their AI interactions. Secondly, FreedomGPT is completely uncensored, which means it does not filter or restrict the content it generates. While this can lead to controversial and potentially offensive responses, it also provides a level of freedom that users may find appealing. The engine is currently free to use and offers a downloadable version for Windows and macOS.

To start using FreedomGPT, users can visit the website and choose the AI model they want to use, along with the version of the model (full or fast). Two options are available: LLaMA, released by Meta, and Alpaca, a version of LLaMA fine-tuned by Stanford researchers. After downloading and installing the software, users can experiment with FreedomGPT’s chat-style interface. However, it’s important to note that the interface is not as user-friendly as other AI bots and lacks the ability to remember previous conversations. This makes FreedomGPT more suitable for standalone questions rather than ongoing chats. Users can interact with the AI bot in various ways, such as getting explanations, ideas, pros and cons, and even poetry.

While the LLaMA and Alpaca models have subtle differences, both provide a similar conversational experience. Users can switch between models in the same conversation, although it can be confusing as the program does not indicate which model has answered which part of the conversation. A notable advantage of FreedomGPT is its offline mode, which ensures privacy and avoids conversation monitoring. In the rapidly developing AI landscape, FreedomGPT offers a unique and different experience, making it worth exploring for those interested in the possibilities of AI technology.

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