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King Charles purchases Peak District bungalow for late Queen’s confidante from royal cottage.


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In a generous gesture, King Charles purchased a £465,000 three-bedroom bungalow for Angela Kelly, one of Queen Elizabeth’s closest confidantes, after she was asked to leave her Grade II-listed cottage on the Windsor estate following the Queen’s passing. The house, located in Yorkshire’s Peak District, stands as a token of gratitude for Ms. Kelly’s years of dedicated service to the royal family and ensures she has a place to call home. Paid for from the Royal Family’s bank account, the property is subject to an agreement that it will revert to the Crown upon Ms. Kelly’s passing, signifying a unique connection to the monarchy.

Although the bungalow may not match the historical significance of her Windsor home, it features a spacious lounge, a cozy dining room, and an open-plan kitchen, providing Ms. Kelly with a comfortable living space in a picturesque setting. The purchase of the property, coupled with a non-disclosure agreement presented to Ms. Kelly, underscores the sensitivity and confidentiality surrounding her relationship with the royal household. Despite the NDA being likened to a ‘gagging order,’ it reinforces the deep bond between Ms. Kelly and the late Queen, who valued her presence during significant events like London Fashion Week and her final days.

As a key figure in the Queen’s personal staff, Ms. Kelly’s transition from her cherished cottage to the remote bungalow marks a pivotal moment in her life, symbolizing the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter. The purchase of the property by King Charles not only honors the Queen’s commitment to her loyal employee but also reflects the enduring legacy of service and gratitude within the royal family. Ms. Kelly’s emotional departure from Windsor, complete with bags of the Queen’s belongings, paints a poignant picture of her unwavering dedication and the role she played in the royal household.

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